We’ve expanded our full-service capabilities to meet our customers’ ever-growing needs. Introducing TrinityRail Maintenance Services—a new division of TrinityRail offering flexible solutions from field inspections to comprehensive compliance testing and coatings. Our customer-focused resources include modification specialists to help transition flammable railcars to current state-of-the-art standards.

Our heritage of strength

As a division of TrinityRail, the market leader with the widest product line in the industry, TrinityRail Maintenance Services has the comprehensive resources to perform any service you need, from minor repairs and maintenance to major modifications and rebuilds. Our modification specialists will help you transition flammable railcars to current state-of-the-art standards. We have the knowledge, expertise and manpower to ensure you will be up and running when the new rules become the industry standard.

Our five facilities in Hamlet, NC; Hugo, OK; Jonesboro, AR; Saginaw, TX; and Vidor, TX, offer coverage of the Gulf Coast, Central Plains and Eastern Seaboard, and our expert field services team helps you stay on track from coast to coast in the United States and Canada.

As TrinityRail has evolved and grown, this constant has remained: total dedication to providing unmatched railcar products and services that help you achieve results. Driven by quality, responsiveness and outstanding customer service, TrinityRail Maintenance Services has the ability to keep you moving.

Fuel for thought

With more than 100 years of environmental, health and safety experience, and management holding numerous technical college degrees—chemical, industrial and safety— TrinityRail Maintenance Services knows the science and business of railcars.

Below you’ll find answers to some common questions. If you don’t find your question below, please give us an opportunity to provide an answer by referring to our Contact page and calling one of our facilities, or emailing the appropriate person.

How can TrinityRail help us adapt our flammable railcars to the new standards?

Our modification specialists will walk you through the transition of flammable railcars to current state-of-the-art standards. We have the knowledge, expertise and manpower to ensure you will be up and running when the new rules become the industry standard.

What can TrinityRail clean?

Our Hamlet, NC facility can clean railcars of all types that have carried most liquids, solids and semi-solids. The Hamlet facility does not clean cars that have carried gases.

Our Hugo, OK operation can handle almost any commodity transported in railcars, including gases, liquids, semi-solids and solids. Our Hugo staff can also clean railcars that have contained PIH, toxic, flammable, corrosive and reactive commodities.

Our Jonesboro, AR facility encompasses 195 acres and is BNSF served. It can hold 36 mechanical cars in a climate-controlled environment. The interior coatings building and operation can process up to 10 cars per day. The exterior coating operation employs automated blasting equipment and can process 20 cars per day. It features a full cleaning rack, including a flare, that can process up to 15 cars per day.

Our Saginaw, TX shop handles all car types with an emphasis on heavy mechanical repair.

Our Vidor, TX operation performs all types of freight car repairs and is the premier plastic pellet car lining facility in North America.

What is the scope of repairs for TrinityRail?

TrinityRail repairs all car types. Hamlet handles both tank cars and covered hoppers but does not currently perform HM201 requalifications. Hugo repairs tank cars. Our large Jonesboro, Saginaw and Vidor locations can handle all types of major modification or rebuild.

Please see the Facilities page for more detailed descriptions of services at each location.

Can TrinityRail apply interior and exterior coatings?

Yes, all five of our operations can apply a wide range of coatings, from airless through plural components. Hamlet applies a significant amount of interior coatings for covered hoppers and tanks. Hugo specializes in hard-to-apply tank coatings, high-bake linings, and other unique or specialty products for corrosion protection. Jonesboro and Saginaw are full-service facilities with comprehensive capabilities, and Vidor is the premier plastic pellet car lining facility in North America.

Are the facilities easy to access?

Yes, the Hugo facility has five Class I interchanges to the Union Pacific, Burlington Northern and Kansas City Southern railroads via the KRR Shortline. The Hamlet facility is located contiguous to the CSX hump yard and receives cars daily from the New Orleans Gateway ( and the entire Eastern Seaboard. The Jonesboro facility is strategically located between Memphis and Little Rock and served by BNSF. The Saginaw facility provides access via Union Pacific line, and the Vidor operation is served by both Union Pacific and BNSF.

Why should I send cars to TrinityRail?

TrinityRail has provided unmatched service to leaders in the shipping and transportation industry. If you’re looking for quality cleaning and repair service, then TrinityRail is your choice. For cleaning, repair, full compliance testing and coatings work, TrinityRail provides the finest work in the industry.

What are typical cycle times?

Depending on the scope of work, cars can be in and out of a TrinityRail facility in three days, or up to 60 days for more complex services. All five of our locations can handle cleaning and light repair work, as well as comprehensive endeavors involving 300-600 hours of major modifications or wreck repairs.

How does TrinityRail handle valve repairs?

TrinityRail has a climate-controlled remanufacturing and testing shop at the Hugo facility. Within the valve shop, all valve types are tested, rebuilt and/or remanufactured. TrinityRail will remanufacture your valves at one of the TrinityRail shops or, if necessary, will rebuild and test your valves from your plant site.

What is the capacity of the TrinityRail shops?

The capacity at the five TrinityRail locations varies significantly depending on car types currently on site. The Hamlet location can service 80 cars per month and store approximately 75 cars. The Hugo facility can service up to 140 cars per month and store approximately 235 cars. The Jonesboro facility can service up to 250 cars per month and store approximately 350 cars. The Saginaw facility can service up to 175 cars per month and store approximately 300 cars. The Vidor facility can service up to 200 cars per month and store approximately 375 cars.

What is TrinityRail’s compliance history?

Safety is our hallmark, which is apparent when visiting the TrinityRail shops. We have one of the best quality assurance programs in the industry, with a finished product unmatched by the competition. Our Hugo operation has more than a decade of unparalleled product and quality assurance programs consistent with all requirements from the Association of American Railroads or the Federal Railroad Administration.

Why doesn’t TrinityRail repair general freight cars?

We understand the science of railcars. We have more than 100 years of environmental, health and safety experience, and our management holds numerous technical college degrees—chemical, industrial and safety—which makes TrinityRail one of the most technically sophisticated companies in the industry. This combined experience is essential to managing the complex commodities, welding, Ultrasonic Thickness Testing and coatings associated with tank and covered hoppers.

Is TrinityRail a good value?

We believe our pricing is fair and competitive for the high quality of service we deliver. TrinityRail Maintenance Services provides exceptional value.

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